Product List

Quality Management Procedure

Circulating of P-D-C-A

Circulating of P-D-C-A is starting from Plan (Quality Plan Management) and then turn to Do (Do Quality Plan ) , and then we come to Check (Check the Effect of the above) , and in the end is to Action (Action to the above measures). Then that¡¯s the whole circulating and come to next.

Quality Control

The aim of quality£º     

Total yield can reach 96%            

Complaint from customers could be 0%

Process of quality control


Dimension inspection 100% and report of material .

Batch production:

Make goods inspection plan according to product plan.

Inspect according to technical standard and test report.

a£©Inspection of New developed products can be classified as primary, interim and final parts.

b£© Inspection of present products can be divided into primary and final parts.